The Super Creepies line of Monsters in My Pocket, otherwise known as Series 5. The Super Creepies line was a follow up to the Super Scary line, released in Europe in 1992. There were 24 different figures in the series. The figures were molded from a hard plastic, in contrast to the soft plastic of the majority of the earlier figures. The figures were available in five main body colours - pale green, neon green, neon yellow, neoen red and neon orange. Like the Super Scary figures, these had painted details to create multiple colours. The points values were even higher than the previous Super Scary toys, ranging from 50 to 200 points. The numbers of each figure continue where Super Scary left off. You could find the Super Creepies in packs of one, six or twelve. The six packs displayed two of the figures, keeping the remaining four hideen within the box. The twelve packs displayed all figures, and functions as a basic dispaly unit, described as a 'Creepy Castle' display case. Single figure packets, which still displayed Series 1 monster Tengu on the packaging, kept the monster secret within the bag, and included a relevant Battle Card.

These monsters were the first not to be based on genuine myths and legends, but were instead enitrely invented. Each was given the name of an insect or arachnid, and designed to reflect that in a punning fashion. The top six monsters were all spiders, given 200 points. The boxes of the six and twelve packs bore the legend 'NEW Mutant Monster Bugs!' Six packs also stated that they had a 'Creepy Monster Spider inside,' while twelve packs had the humorous disclaimer 'Beware! Super Creepies inside!' The accompanying material claimed the mutant creatures had been created in the lab by one Dr Zechariah Wolfson.

The MonstersEdit

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