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The Dinosaurs line of Monster in My Pocket, otherwise known as Series 6 which came out in 1992. You could find the Dinosaurs in packs of 2, 6, and 12. In some markets, these were labelled as Dinosaur in My Pocket. They were mostly released in European markets.

The Dinosaurs figurines were made from hard moulded plastic, available in dark green, yellow, violet, brown and orange, with painted details. Their points values ranged from 55 to 150 points - lower than the previous series. Although most of the creatures were genuine dinosaurs, a number of non-dinosaurian prehistoric animals were also included. Rather than Battle Cards, the Dinosaurs in 2-packs were accompanied by Fact Cards, listing facts on each creature such as the size, weight and era of origin. A full deck of Fact Cards was available.

The series was later rereleased as the Secret Skeleton Dinosaurs. These had a sensitive pigment layer that allowed a rough outline of each creature's skeleton to be shown when wet. Fans sometimes refer to these as Series 6b.

The Dinosaurs

A Dinosaurs 12-pack

  • 151 Iguanodon
  • 152 Plateosaurus
  • 153 Woolly Mammoth
  • 154 Cave Man
  • 155 Pteranodon
  • 156 Dimetrodon
  • 157 Sabretooth Tiger
  • 158 Ankylosaurus
  • 159 Chasmosaurus
  • 160 Teratosaurus
  • 161 Styracosaurus
  • 162 Deinonychus
  • 163 Struthiomimus
  • 164 Kentrosaurus
  • 165 Monoclonius
  • 166 Parasaurolophus
  • 167 Lambeosaurus
  • 168 Baby Protoceratops

In addition to these monsters, a handful or later releases are known. These 'new' Dinosaurs are little known and rarely seen, and are numbered 223 to 226. Known images show: #223 - a ceratopsian (frilled dinosaur) with points value 60; #224 - a long-necked creature (possibly a nothosaur), points value 160; #225 - a shelled, turtle-like animal, points value 90; #226 - a plesiosaur, points value 200. These figures were released in the UK as confectionary premiums for a limited time, and were each available in two colour schemes. No other figures from this series are known, and it is unlikely that they were ever produced.

Hardee's Kids' Meals in 1993 included a "Dinosaur in My Pocket" release. There were four figurines released. The figures were single-coloured, styled more like the Series 1 toys, each with a points value, and each came with a small fact sheet. The dinosaurs included were representations of the first four dinosaurs of the main series - Tyrannosaurus Rex, Apatosaurus (under the name Brontosaurus), Triceratops and Stegosaurus, but of a different design.