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The Space Aliens line of Monsters in My Pocket, otherwise known as Series 7 which came out in 1994. 16 different Space Aliens were available in single packs with a fact card, in 4-packs, and in 12-packs.

The Space Aliens used a different points value system to previous series monsters. The points were the of the highest value yet, ranging from 150 to 500 points, and they were divided into two opposing camps - good guys numbered 169 to 176, and bad guys numbered 177 to 184. A unique reveal system was used on these monsters. Each figurine sported a heat-sensitive sticker, which, when warmed by touch, would reveal the monster's points value, and its affiliation. Good monsters were represented by the symbol of a sword through a star, evil monsters by a skull and crossbones. The Space Aliens figurines were made from a harder plastic than previous series figurines, and were available in neon colours of pink, orange, chartreuse, green and blue, with painted details.

Series 7 promotional material

They were the first monsters to use silver in their detailing, usually for their weaponry. Some other colours (yellow, blue-green, purple and pale orange) have been seen in promotioanl materials, possibly confined to prototypes.

Although the Space Aliens were essentially original, some collectors suggest that they were based on real world cryptids and literary creatures. The names were certainly created for the series. The figurines were not number stamped, nor was a collector's leaflet included in the packs, making identification of the various monsters more difficult than for most series, although each monster's number and points value was printed on its display position on the packaging. The toys were available in packs of twelve and four, with the packaging doubling up as a basic display unit. The background to the packaging was described as a 'Lunar Battle Scene display card,' and illustrated several of the monsters. Single packs were also available, which included the enclosed monster's relevent Battle Card.

The Good Aliens

Symbol For Good

The Bad Aliens

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