Siren is monster # 80 from the Series 3 figures, and has a points value of 20.
80 siren


The Siren was a demonic seductress. She was once a mortal woman, who unfortunately fell in love with and had an affair with a married man. When their affair was discovered, the man was held blameless, and she was burned at the stake. Her rage at this injustice consumed her humanity thoroughly, transforming her into a demon bent on killing married couples. Her primary power is a humming song that allows her to lure and thoroughly seduce any married man. When they kiss, she burns the man up from the inside, killing him. The song lures the wife as well, who would then be burned alive by the Siren


As a mortal the Siren fell in
love with a married man but
when they were caught the man
was held blameless. The village
women cheered as they burned
her to death and her rage turned
her into a Siren; a vengeful demon
who seduces married men with her
song, then destroys the couples
with the very flame that consumed her.

Trading card textEdit

(Translated from the mexican card)

Species: Humanoid / Animal

Born: 4000 years ago

Size: 1.50 meters

Habitat: A mysterious island

These creatures have the torso and head of a woman and the tail of a fish. Her beautiful singing causes sailors to lose course and wreck. The only way to escape is by covering your ears with cotton and singing a sweet song. If you succeed she will sink into the sea and become coral.

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