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Appeared in Series 3
2006 Series
Number 80
Point Value 20

Siren is monster #80 from the Series 3 figures, and has a point value of 20.

Like other Series 3 monsters, Siren was only available through restaurant promotions.

Official Biography

(Translated from Spanish.)

Species: Humanoid / Animal

Born: 4000 years ago

Size: 1.50 meters

Habitat: A mysterious island

These creatures have the torso and head of a woman and the tail of a fish. Her beautiful singing causes sailors to lose course and wreck. The only way to escape is by covering your ears with cotton and singing a sweet song. If you succeed she will sink into the sea and become coral.

2006 Series

Siren is a monster in the class "The Ghosts. " She is monster #39. This version of the Siren has a more beautiful appearance to her, with long blonde hair and a red dress, but hiding her true evil and intent with a cunning smile.

Official Card Biography

The beautiful Siren sings her ghostly sweet songs to lure men and their ships from the sea towards the dangerous and rocky reefs of her remote island hideaway! Tempted by her bewitching, hypnotic songs, seamen sail smiling and willingly into their cold, deep, watery graves.


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