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==External links==
==External links==

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Appeared in Series 2
Number 67
Point Value 15

Spectre is monster #67 from Series 2.

Series 2

Official Biography

(Translated from Spanish)

Species: Humanoid spirit

Born: Unknown

Size: 1.80 meters

Habitat: Dark caves and sewers around the world

This creepy creature is mistaken for a ghost but is far from being one. It never sleeps so it has a pretty bad temper. Gets his energy from mortals. It can be beaten with light or water. So if you go into the woods at night, do not forget your water gun.

2006 Series

Spectre, now renamed as Grim Reaper, was a monster given a makeover for the 2006 line. He is in the class "The Dead" and is monster #34. This time he wears a tattered purple cloak with a rotting skull and carries a blood-stained scythe.

Official Card Biography

The Grim Reaper is death that appears in the shape of a skeleton covered in a dark cloak. He walks through the earth, cutting off people's lives as though he were harvesting grain with the blood-stained scythe he carries to warn people of his terrible arrival.


Grim Reaper was only sold with the Monster Battle Showdown set in UK stores, which came bundled with Mummy. He and Mummy became more easily accessible and more common when the 2006 line was brought outside of the UK where it and Mummy came packaged with the regular 4-pack of monsters.



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