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Also Known as {{{aka}}}
Appeared in {{{appeared}}}
Number {{{number}}}
Point Value {{{point}}}
Voiced by {{{voiced}}}

Empty Syntax

To use this box on character pages, copy the text below, filling in the parameter values.

{{Infobox Character
| Character=
| image=example.jpg
| image_size=250px
| aka=
| appeared=
| number=
| point=
| voiced=

A completed character box would look like this in the editing box:

{{Infobox Character
| Character=The Monster
| image=MIMP013.jpg
| image_size=250px
| aka=Frankenstein's Monster 
| appeared=[[Series 1]]<br />[[Super Scary Howlers]]<br />[[Monster_in_My_Pocket_(2006_series)|2006 Series]]<br />[[Monster in My Pocket (video game)|The Video Game]]<br />[[Super Scary Howlers]]
| number=13
| point=[[:Category:15 point characters|15]]<br />
| voiced=

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