Appeared in Series 1
2006 Series
Number 9
Point Value 20

Tengu is monster #9 from the Series 1 figures and was redesigned for the 2006 relaunch series.

Tengu is a twenty-point monster and comes in purple and red for the original colors. The figure is also available in all four later neon colours, plus the rarer premium colours of pine green and blue. The figurine keeps the dog-like qualities of the Tengu, and seems to have reptillian arms.

Trading card textEdit

Species: Humanoid Bird

Size: 8 Feet Tall

Born: 2000 Years ago in Japan

Habitat: Lives in Japanese mountains and forests

These mischievous monsters live inside hollowed out trees throughout the forests of Japan. The Tengu likes to believe he knows everything, but in reality he can easily be fooled. However, he has a nasty temper, and if you get caught tricking a Tengu, he will sneak up to you in his coat that makes him invisible, and either eat you or pick you up in his powerful claws and throw you into a volcano! The Tengu can often be seen "sushiing" just above the ocean off the Japanese coast in search of his favorite food - raw fish and seaweed... yuck!

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