The Beast
Number 43
Point Value 5

The Beast is monster #43 from the Series 1 figures. He appears in all 4 base colors and neon colors, as well as a Pink Premium color. The Beast also appears in the 2006 series and the 1993-94 Peru series.


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Species: Humanoid / Animal

Born: 1756 in an English castle

Size: 6 Feet Tall

Habitat: Lives in a dreary mansion hidden away in a European forest

Once a handsome young prince, The Beast was cursed by an evil fairy who turned him into a frightful creature resembling a two-legged lion. In order to break the spell which will allow him to regain his good looks and return to his kingdom, The Beast must find a beauty who will agree to become his wife. Unfortuantely, most women are not interested in marrying someone who has fleas, likes to eat live sheep and snores loudly! this monster wears a cape, and carries a sword which ca be used to trun his enemies into stone. He is often seen loitering around shopping malls, offering roses to eligible women in hope that they will become his queen and transform him from the "King of Beasts" to the "King of his Castle.

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The Beast

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The beast (nes)
An expert knife thrower who moves quickly.

A simple enemy, not likely to be a threat.

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