The Monster
Also Known as Frankenstein's Monster
The Creature
Big Ed (animated)
Appeared in Series 1
Super Scary Howlers
2006 Series
Number 13
Point Value 15

The Monster is monster #13 from the Series 1 figures, with a points value of fifteen. The Monster was also one of the characters redesigned for the 2006 series, and featured in the Super Scary Howlers range.

The Series One figurine follows the classic movie interpretation of the monster, although it has the bolts through the head rather than the neck, a variation that has become common since the late 20th century. The figure has huge boots, long arms and a shaggy garment over its torso, secured by a chain. The figurine was available in red and green, and all four Series 1 neon shades.

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Species: Reanimated Corpse

Created: At Geneva in 1818

Habitat: He lives in europeans towns

In 1818, a young chemist named Victor Frankenstein attempted to build a 'perfect' human using parts from dead bodies. Unfortunately, his final creation was far from perfect - the monster received the brain of a murderer by mistake, making him very violent. He was quite ugly, couldn't talk, and had bad manners to boot! A bolt of lightning brought this monster to life, giving him superhuman strength. He had a hard time making friends and was often chased and stoned by the villagers. When Victor refused to build him a girlfriend, he becaem angry, killed several people and left to lead a life alone in the Arctic wastelands. This is definitely a moody guy!

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