Number 38
Point Value 10

Phantom is monster #38 from the Series 1 figures.

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Species: Humanoid

Born: In 1868 in France

Habitat: Hidden places under old theaters

Phantom is a disfigured and creepy creature, that seems like a living skeleton. when he was a child he was so ugly that his mother to not see him covered his face with a bag. One day buyed a mask and departed from home to become famous in the show business. Instead ended to live in the caverns below the Theather of the Opera of Paris. After many years of solitude and isolation he becaome mad. Phantom have fun to strangle people that bother him and to reverse melted wax over the public that disturb the play. Phantom has now abandoned Paris and is around theaters and cinemas terrorizing the audience.

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The phantom

The Phantom

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