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Umi Bozu
Also Known as Giant Sea Phantom
Appeared in Series 4
Number 118
Point Value 50

Umi Bozu is monster #118 of the Super Scary figures. In the Series 4 rerelease, it was renamed Giant Sea Phantom.

Monster Information

Umi Bozu comes in all four colors. Worth fifty points, Umi Bozu is depicted with serpentine appendages and a bald head, similar to the mythological description of the demon.

A yokai from Japanese Folklore, Umi Bozu translates to "sea Buddhist monk." Umi Bozu are referred to as monks due to their bald heads, resembling priests. They are described as having serpentine legs and grey torsos, while their heads are pitch black. Some tellings of the tale give them huge, saucer-like eyes, while others say they have no eyes at all They capture unsuspecting sailors and drag them into the ocean, similar to the Undine, while their appearance is, in some respects, similar to that of the Bishop Fish.

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