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Also Known as Sea Maiden
Appeared in Series 2
Number 71
Point Value 10

Undine is monster #71 from the Series 2 figures.

Series 2

Undine was available in all four Series 2 neon colors, and had a points value of ten. The figure depicted Undine as a feminine spirit with swirling waves around her body and various aquatic creatures on her body, such as fish and an octopus.

After complaints of Ganesha being labeled as a "monster" led to several changes for Series 2, Undine was renamed as "Sea Maiden" in a few different markets.

Official Biography

(Translated from Spanish)

Species: Sea Nymph

Born: During the Age of Aquarius

Size: Can grow from 60 centimeters to 2.40 meters

Habitat: In the oceans surrounding Europe

It is said to be a sea spirit that has no soul. To get one, she must marry a human, which is not easy since so many thousands of years under the sea have left her covered in seaweed, fish and barnacles. She also has an octopus on her back.


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