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The Unreleased Monsters are a selection of characters for which some information exists, but which do not seem to have ever been made into figures. Monsters 82 to 96 would have been part of Series 3, had they been released, but it seems that no figures were ever produced. Nonetheless, some information does exist regarding these elusive critters.

The Argentine Cromy sticker book and Mexican cards lists 96 monsters, including all from Series 1 and Series 2, and the known monsters from Series 3, plus, unnumbered, fifteen that would fill the gap between the known Series 3 and the beginning of Series 4. In alphabetical order, they are Achelous, Ankou, Banshee, Catarenha, Djinn Shapeshifter, Genie, Grendel, Hairy Boggart, Headless ManHeiracosphinx, Hodag, Jabalius, Sciapod, Talus and Troll. Of these, Troll made a brief appearance in the Monster in my Pocket comic. Ankou is another name for the spirit known as Grave Watcher, later released in Series 4. Sciapod appeared in a poster spread in the comic, alongside several Series 2 characters, and another new monster, Bash Tchelik. (Information from Scott Andrew Hutchins, via

Poster from MIMP comic showing unreleased monsters.

Other editions of the cards refer to Jabalius as the Beast of Gévaudan and Catarenha as "Guardian of the Gold."

The following information identifies further monsters:

"Other known Series 3 monsters Bas Celik, Cynocephaloid and 'The Electronic Monster.' The third series may have been cancelled due to copyright violation on the Electronic Monster, a dream-manipulating machine from Charles Eric Maine's novel Escapement, which he adapted for film in 1960 (and was retitled The Electronic Monster for US release). It is unlikely that rights were paid, and this fact may have shut down the series." (Information from The Electronic Monster was mentioned in the editor's response to the comic book's only letter column, and a creature resmebling a Cynocephaloid appeared in the fourth issue of the comic book; however, when Gil Kane took over the book, he did not draw Warlock's followers with much detail in group panels.

Since there are no further free spaces for these monsters between the known releases, it is possible that they planned for an abortive fifth series, which was never produced and was replaced by the Super Creepies.

Information on the Unknown Monsters remains scarce and contradictory.

The L.O.S.T. Monsters


In 2018, the sculptor for the Monster in My Pocket series, Rich Roland, set up a Kickstarter for "The L.O.S.T. Monsters" ("The Legend of Sixteen Tiny Monsters"). The intention was to fund the production of the previously unreleased Monster in My Pocket figures.

However, the Kickstarter failed to reach its $35,000 goal which led to the cancellation of the project.