Appeared in Series 1
Super Scary Howlers
2006 Series
The Video Game
The Comic Book
The Big Scream
The Quest
Number 33
Point Value 10

Vampire is monster #33 of the Series 1 figures. He is often portrayed as the main protagonist of the "Good Monsters," though in some media, he is a villain.

Trading card TextEdit

Species: Reanimated Corpse

Born: Transylvania, in 1430

Size: 6 Feet Tall

Habitat: Cemeteries and old castles throughout Eastern Eruope.

One of the more famous monsters (having appeared in serval movies), the Vampire is a creature who exists somewhere between the living and the dead. By day, he rests peacefully in his coffin. By night he is transformed into a blood thristy monster. He usually apperas in his designer outfit with matching cape, but will sometimes disguise himself as a bat or a wolf when he sneaks into his victim's bedroom - usually that of a beautiful young woman - and with his long sharp fangs, gently bites her in the neck and sucks her blood. To scare a vampie off, you must use a cross, gralic or a slice of pepperoni pizza with anchovies!

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Video GameEdit

In the game, Vampire was one of two playable characters, the other being The Monster.


In the comics, Vampire was the leader of the good monsters and Warlock was the leader of the bad monsters.

The Big ScreamEdit

In the cartoon, Vampire was the leader of the bad guys and the Invisible Man led the good guys.

The QuestEdit

In the cancelled animated series Monster in My Pocket: The Quest, Vampire was once again portrayed as a villain. He was the brother of Vampiress and worked for Morlock.


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