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Vampire art.jpeg
Appeared in Series 1
Super Scary Howlers
Number 33
Point Value 10

Vampire is monster #33 of Series 1.

Vampire is one of the few monsters to have appeared in every incarnation of the Monster in My Pocket franchise, and has been depicted both as a heroic monster and a major antagonist.

Vampire is valued at 10 points and comes in all available colors.

Official Biography

Species: Reanimated Corpse

Born: Transylvania, in 1430

Size: 6 Feet Tall

Habitat: Cemeteries and old castles throughout Eastern Europe.

One of the more famous monsters (having appeared in several movies), the Vampire is a creature who exists somewhere between the living and the dead. By day, he rests peacefully in his coffin. By night he is transformed into a blood thirsty monster. He usually appears in his designer outfit with matching cape, but will sometimes disguise himself as a bat or a wolf when he sneaks into his victim's bedroom - usually that of a beautiful young woman - and with his long sharp fangs, gently bites her in the neck and sucks her blood. To scare a vampire off, you must use a cross, garlic or a slice of pepperoni pizza with anchovies!