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Venus Booby Trapper
Appeared in Series 7
Number 177
Point Value 500

Venus Booby Trapperis monster #177, part of Series 7, the Space Aliens. The leader of the bad Aliens, the Trapper has a points value of 500, making it one of the most powerfully rated monsters in the range.

In appearance, the Venus Booby Trapper is a monstrous plant, with fronds forming its base and two tentacle-like upper limbs. It has a large head with tiny eyes and a mouth full of teeth. It is wearing some kind of weapons belt, looking something like a life preserver. The monster appears both in the Space Aliens logo, and in the Lunar Battle Scene display on the packaging, and is coloured green with its weapons belt in pink.

The name and design of the monster are plays on the Venus fly trap.