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VG Warlock 01.gif
Stage Stage 6, Boss
Stage 7, Boss
Role Boss
Manual Description "Uses his magic to fire magic lightning rods. Shocking, isn't it?"

Warlock is the main villain of the Monster in My Pocket video game.

Very similar to the Harvey Comics storyline, Warlock is the archenemy of Vampire and The Monster. In the opening, he appears on a TV monitor and tells Vampire and the Monster that he has sent his minions out to hunt the two heroic monsters down.

Later, Warlock appears himself and battles the player. He sends arcs of lightning out at the player while teleporting around the screen to avoid attacks. Vampire and the Monster are eventually able to defeat the evil monster.

However, Warlock reappears in Stage 7 on the TV screen. He shoots energy lasers at the players while summoning Windigos to his side.

Warlock's first form has 25 health and is worth 50 points. His second form has 17 health and is also worth 50 points.