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First Appearance Monster in My Pocket #1 (May 1991)
Race Werewolf
Gender Male
Alignment Good

Werewolf is a prominent member of Vampire's band of good monsters.


Werewolf is first approached by Vampire to aid him in the meeting on Monster Mountain with Warlock. Seemingly a close friend of Vampire's, Werewolf agreed, and was shrunk down with the others after Warlock's scheme succeeded. When first changed, Werewolf immediately attacks a stray cat, which was hissing at the heroic group of monsters. Vampire quickly calmed Werewolf down, and the group was able to escape. Later, in the battle against the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Werewolf teamed up with Vampire, Golem, and Swamp Beast, and were able to defeat the monster.

Powers and abilities