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Appeared in Series 1
Super Scary Howlers
Number 3
Point Value 25

Werewolf is monster #3 of Series 1.

Werewolf has appeared in several incarnations of the franchise, often seen among the heroic monsters.

Werewolf is a twenty-five point monster and is available in the original colors of green and red, plus all four later neon colors and rarer premium colors of neon orange and pink. He is depicted as a wolf humanoid in a pose as if he's howling at the moon.

Official Biography

Species: Humanoid/Animal

Born: Descended from Indo-European warriors during ancient times.

Size: 6 Feet Tall

Habitat: Cities and dark forests throughout the world

The Werewolf combines the intelligence of a human with the strength and cunning of a deadly wolf. In his "human" form, this quiet and unassuming creature can sometimes be identified by certain features such as hair growing on his palms, long index fingers, eyebrows which grow together, and worst of all - dirty toe nails! When exposed to a full moon, he is secretly transformed into a blood-thirsty, growling beast who possesses a craving for human flesh. The only known method of killing the werewolf is with a silver bullet. So, if there's a full moon out tonight, listen carefully to that distant howl... another victim perhaps?

In other media

Monster Rock

Werewolf sings Full Moon Blues on the audio cassette Monster Rock.