Winged Panther

Winged Phanther
Appeared in Series 1
2006 Series
Number 40
Point Value 5

Winged Panther is monster #40 from Series 1 and monster #22 from the 2006 Series.

Series 1

Winged Panther comes in all 4 original colors and all 4 neon colors.

Official Biography

Born: 1000 Years ago in South Africa

Species: Animal/Bird

Size: 8 Feet Long

Habitat: South American jungles and forests

This "catbird" is not your ordinary monster. This deadly Winged Panther sports a pair of eagle's wings on his back. This enables him to hide in trees and pounce down upon his prey from the air. Although he normally limits his victims to unsuspecting sheep and cattle, this beast will not hesitate to attack humans who attempt to steal one of his feathers. For once a feather is removed from his wings, this "plucked plumage" turns into gold! This cat may have nine lives, but you've only got one - are you willing to risk it to put a very valuable feather in your cap?

2006 Series

Winged Panther is in the class "The Winged." It is monster #22. It's depicted as a purple panther with large orange wings. It's trading card points is worth 203.

Official Card Biography

This large beast has all the speed and strength of a panther with the added bonus of being able to fly. This wild, Winged Panther can attack from the ground or the air, using his razor-sharp claws and deadly teeth to shred his enemies and his prey.

Element: Wind

Brains: 36

Strength: 54

Fear: 48

Speed: 65

In other media

Video Game (1992)

VG WingPan 01.gif
The Winged Panther appears in Stage 1, Area 2. It flies overhead, and when it gets close, makes a fast swoop attack.

The instructions manual description reads: "Flies in the face of danger".


The background photo for the 2006 trading card of Winged Panther is the Grand Canyon, USA

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